Carmen in Wonderland- Visiting BROOKS Headquarters Amsterdam

When all the bloggers got the message that we’re invited to visit the headquarters in Amsterdam I was freakin out: I am going to visit my personal Wonderland!

The office is integrated in the olympic stadium in Amsterdam. And we had the oppurtunity to run the Amsterdam TCS Marathon.

So there was only one right answer: YES!

On 18th of october my flight started really early from Frankfurt to Amsterdam.

Mario, also a Ambassador of Run Happy, was waiting at the baggage reclaim. So we made our way with the shuttle to our hotel. Some of us we’re waiting in the lobby and it was a big reunion.

As soon as everybody got there, we followed our leaders Bengü and Nicole to the Taxi, who brought us to the headquarters at the olympic stadium.

I was sooooo exited- and I couldn’t hide it 😉


Feeling like a little kid with big eyes, we were warm welcomed from Suzana.

So we had a sightseeing tour all through the headquarter and my first tought: I really love to work for that company. The employees desks owners have stored their runnning shoes and they can go for a run to get new ideas and power. There’re showers, tabletop tennis and a lot of room for individualtiy.

White boards with personal notes, graffiti, kitchen with free soup, tea, coffee and fruits- it seemed to me that Brooks cares about the healthy lifestyle- and I really would recommend every company.

After the tour we took our seats at the little show room- and we could see the new collection, colours and brandnew shoes (we’re even not to supposed to tell you the names) and we’re asked to keep that secret. OMG! Torture for me. But I kept my Iphone in my pocket and tried to behave. Even if I got the SAMPLESIZE 8.5!


So our workshop with Bengü started with chilled served drinks- non alcoholic of course.

A camera team from eurosport attend that for a while. We talked about this and that (blogger style) and the time was flying by.

At the kitchen we got a little lunch for us with wraps, salad and freshly squeezed orange juice- yummy!

And than we got a surprise from Suzana: The blue Brooks Hoodie that I tried to order before and it was sold out, but in the Amsterdam 2016 european athletics Champonchips edition. WOW! Also a keychain rainbow was waiting.

Strengthend by wraps Dominik and I got interviewed by eurosport and I hope that we’ll see the result.

Time to say goodbye to Susanna 😦 but we had to get our race documents at the marathon fair.

It was like arriving at a huge party:

Got everything without any trouble and again: Christmas: The Brooks booth. A lot to see and to do: Pictures, new clothing and the limited djungle edition of the ghost.


As soon as we’re told to „NOT TOUCH IT-IT’S HOT“ I grapped it and tried to run away 🙂

But no chance for me….. but I tried hard 🙂

Bengü running on a tread mill:

So meeting time again: back to the hotel, jump into sportswear and get out on bikes to ride to our guide to have a sightseeing run. But in expectation to run the marathon on the next day, I stayed on bike.

img_0226 IMG_0340

We saw so much in Amsterdam, but on my bike it was difficult to take photos. We crashed a bridal photoshooting :-P.

We had so much fun, but it was getting cold on my bike and I was happy when we got back on the way to the hotel.

Shower, drying my hair, get dressed, back in the lobby again a taxi took us to cafe Schinkelhaven and the food was great! My angus steak was delicious- but it was late and I was scared what my stomach would do about that on the next day.

A lot of talking, but also a lot of smartphone action- that’s a bloggers life 🙂


Before we got to bed, Bengü and Nicole surprised us again: The Run Happy pack wich included a towel ( I wanted that from the moment I saw it at Mandy’s place in Berlin), tattoos, Happy Nippel Band Aid, loopscarf and gym bag. That was better than bedtime candy 🙂

Back in my room I got everything right for the next day. But the TCS Amsterdam Marathon will get a own article.

Thank you so much BROOKS DACH for the invitation- I was feeling like the cheshire cat the whole time 🙂

Even if I didn’t took a lot of pictures Christiane, Dominik and Sascha did- Thank you!